ARTH 220/620

Greek Art and Architecture
Professor: Hase;berger
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Lecture 15

1. Temple of Artemis (plan of whole sanctuary)
2. Temple of Artemis (west front reconstruction after Rosenwaldt, 1938)
3. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment, west: center section, Gorgon)
4. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment, west: restoration drawing, center part)
5. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment, west: center section, Gorgon, head)
6. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment, west: Lion-Panther)
7. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment, west: Zeus and giant, front)
8. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment,west: Kronos and Rhea)
9. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment,west: Medusa)
10. Temple of Artemis (SCLPT: pediment,west: restoration drawing)
11. Temple of Apollo (general view w/basement of Acrocorinth)
12. Corinth (aerial view of Apollo sanctuary)
13. Temple of Apollo (ext: monolithic columns)
14. Temple of Apollo (plan; columns still standing - in black) Commercial Slide
15. Temple of Apollo (plan with columns still standing indicated in black)
16. Paestum (Basilica; EXT: General View)
17. Paestum (Basilica; ext: west facade)
18. Paestum (Basilica; interior) Commercial Slide
19. Paestum (Basilica; plan, restored)
20. Paestum (Basilica; ext: detail of Doric order)
21. Paestum (Basilica; doric capital of peristyle)
22. Paestum (Basilica; EXT: det. of individual column with view of rows of columns from interior) Commercial Slide
23. Paestum (Basilica; CONSTRUCTION: engraving of Doric column w/entasis. Paoli, 1784)
24. Paestum (Basilica; EXT: angle view) Commercial Slide
25. Paestum (Basilica) Commercial Slide
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