ARTH 220/620

Greek Art & Architecture
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 1 - 3

1. Dionysos in Boat, (Greek), Kylix w/ eyes from Vulci
2. Attic black figure pottery, (Greek), Kylix w/ eyes from Vulci
3. Hellenistic. Laocoon Group, (Greek), Marble Roman Copy (1st C)
4. Hellenistic, Laocoon (Greek), Rome: Vatican Museum whole front before restoration (1957-1960)
5. Hellenistic, Laocoon (Greek), Torso of Laocoon, front left (1st C)
6. Hellenistic, Laocoon (Greek), Roman Copy after restoration Rome Vatican (1960)
7. Kresilas Pericles , (Greek), Roman Copy Berlin Museum frontal view
8. Architecture educational, Mediterranean Basin Including the Near East
9. Architecture educational, Greece Greek Colonization
10. Architecture educational, Map of Roman Empire from Augustus to Hadrian
11. Architecture educational, Sites of Theatres in Greek World
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