ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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29 October 2001

1. Lovers from movie, "The Last Days of Pompeii", 1913
2. Pompeii: Tracings of Corpses found in a garden
3. Pompeii: Via Stabiana
4. Pompeii: Wall with Political Graffiti on Shop Wall. Unexcavated
5. Plan of House of the Faun
6. House of the Silver Wedding (atrium and peristyle)
7. Herculaneum: Samnite House (int: entry vestibule, detail of wall)
8. Villa of P. Fannius Synistor (Hall of Aphrodite)
9. View of the frescoes from the Villa of the Mysteries, near Pompeii
10. Villa dei Misteri, Great Oecus: panel 8: Girl undergoing ordeal, Bacchant
11. Villa Livia wall painting
12. Odyssey Landscape: Panels 2 & 3, Land of the Laestrygonians
13. Landscape with Boats, from Pompeii, Third Style
14. House of Livia: tablinium
15. View of Hercule Strangling the Serpents, in situ, House of the Vettii, Pompeii
16. Basilica fresco: Hercules and Telephus. Naples
17. Rustic Villa Claudi Eutichy Caesaris
18. Rustic Villa of Claudi Eutichy Caesaris Mythological Room:E.wall.Landscape w/Andromeda&Perseus
19. Rustic Villa of Claudi Eutichy Caesaris :Black Room: N. wall.central panel
20. Rustic Villa of Claudi Eutichy Caesaris : Black Room: W. wall.fragment from roof of central pavillion
21. Map of the Roman Empire, 14 - 284
22. Map of Etruscan and Roman Italy
23. Reconstruction of the Tree Temples of Arx at Cosa
24. Etruscan temple: plan and elevation after Vitruvius
25. Portonaccio Temple : Terracotta Apollo
26. Attic Kouros from Anavyassos, Kroissos
27. Cinerary Urn from Chiusi
28. Sarcophagus from Caere (Cerveteri)
29. Plan of the Tomb of the Shields and the Chairs, Cerveteri
30. Tomba delle Sedie: interior
31. Tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia
32. Tomb of the Triclinium
33. Garment Clasp from Bernadini Tomb, Praeneste
34. Engraved Mirror
35. Roman Empire detail: empire at its greatest expansion
36. Capitoline Wolf
37. Augustus of Primaporta
38. Colossal Statue of Constantine, Fragments
39. Pompeii detail: Airview looking toward Mt. Vesuvius & Somma
40. Pompeii detail: Airview from Southeast
41. Still Life from Herculaneum, early Fourth Style
42. Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia
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