ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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24 October 2001

1. Sassanian and Parthian Iran and the Expansion from 247 BC-224 AD
2. Map of the Hellenistic World., 185 BCE
3. Tomb of Antiochus I of Commagene., 69-43 BC (plan, east courtyard)
4. Tomb of Antiochus I of Commagene., 69-43 BC (sculpture, east terrace) 
5. Tomb of Antiochus I of Commagene., 69-43 BC (sculpture of deities, east terrace)
6. Funerary Relief from Tomb of Malku, Palmyra
7. Taq-i Kisra., 4th - mid 6th C. (ground plan based on results of excavations of 1928-29)
8. Taq-i Kisra (ext: view of facade in 1884, before partial collapse)
9. Taq-i Kisra (Sculpture. Balsutrade from South building. 6-7th C. East Berlin Museum)
10. Sasanian (Iran): Plaque with antelopes from Susa(?)., 5th-6th C.
11. Parthian (Iran): Female Statuette from Seleucia on the Tigris, Block B, Piece 64. 
12. Parthian: Prince from Shami, Iran
13. Mature Harappa (India): Dancing Girl from Mohenjo-Daro., 2300-1750 BC
14. Map of South Asia.
15. India: Mahisasaramardini Cave (Durga and the demon)
16. Vairocana Buddha
17. Lauriya-Nandangargh: Lion column
18. Lion Capital from an Asokan column, India
19. India: Asokan column, Rampurva no.2 (Bull capital; left -President's Palace)
20. Parthian: Persepolis. Columns., 6th-5th C BC (drawing after Herzfeld)
21. Sanchi: Great Stupa
22. Sanchi: Stupa 1 (plan and elevation)
23. Sanchi: Stupa 1 (North Gate: front view, angle)
24. Sanchi: Stupa 1 (North Gate, detail: foreigners worship stupa, detail east face of west pillar)
25. Sanchi: Great Stupa (Yakshi, detail of east gate)
26. Andhra Pradesh: Linga with Shiva
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