ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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November 5th, 2001

1. Trajan's Column. detail: mourning Dacian (Cichorius CXX), (1st C)
2. Column of Trajan as seen on denarius of 6th Consulate of Trajan
3. Trajan's Column. SCPT: details of Roman & Dacian King
4. Trajan's Column, detail
5. Trajan's Column, lower bands of spiral reliefs
6. Column of Trajan, Looking Up
7. Trajan's Column, ext: view of whole column from southeast
8. Arch of Titus, Coffered Vault
9. Arch of Titus, Apotheosis of Titus, Cofered ceiling w/ apotheosis of Divus Titus, detail
10. Arch of Titus, Titus in Triumph relief
11. Arch of Titus, Spoils of Jerusalem relief, angle view
12. Arch of Titus. general view
13. Arch of Titus, west side: Keystone and spandrels
14. Arch of Titus, ext: view w/forum
15. Ara Pacis, SCPT:E facade left half, Tellus, entire panel
16. Ara Pacis, SCPT:W facade left half, Aeneas sacrificing
17. Ara Pacis, SCPT: w. facade rt. half, Romulus & Remos frags. w/line drawing reconstruction
18. Ara Pacis, SCPT: E facade, left half: Tellus from below
19. Ara Pacis, ext: view from SW of west entrance
20. Ara Pacis, SCPT: south processional frieze. Family of Augustus
21. Ara Pacis, South Processional frieze. Agrippa, upper body
22. Ara Pacis, frieze: Augustus flanked by two consuls; lictor proximus (Commercial Slide)
23. Ara Pacis, ext: view from SW of right half of W entrance & S wall
24. Ara Pacis, SCPT: N. Processional freize:reconstruction drawing
25. Ara Pacis, North processional frieze: family of Augustus (Commercial Slide)
26. Ara Pacis, Scheme of Reliefs
27. Parthenon, Cutaway Perspective Drawing (after G. Niemann) of the Parthenon Showing the Doric and Ionic Friezes and a Pediment
28. Ara Pacis, reconstruction drawing, view from exterior into interior
29. Ara Pacis, outer wall
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