ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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29 November 2001

1. Sanchi Stupa: plan and elevation
2. Great Stupa
3. Bharhut Stupa (detail: King Prasenajit visits the Buddha)
4. Bharhut Stupa (detail: Great Monkey Jataka, pillar medallion on railing)
5. Standing Buddha from Hoti-Mardan
6. Apollo Belvedere
7. Seated Buddha from Katra, Mathura
8. Maitreya from Ramnagar
9. Chaitya Hall: plan and section
10. Chaitya Hall: interior
11. Plan of the Ajanta Cave Complex, Maharashtra, India
12. Cave Temple (exterior)
13. Prince Distributing Alms, Ajanta Cave 17, Maharashtra, India
14. Ajanta, Cave 1
15. Colossal Buddha
16. Map of East Asia
17. Buddha with Disciples, from the Pinyang Cave, Longmen, Hunan Province, China
18. Vairocana Buddha
19. Dunhuang: Cave 45, Buddha and Bodhisattvas
20. Guanyin
21. Dunhuang Caves Scrolls: Amitabha Buddha Preaching the Law
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