ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture - November 27th

1. Hildesheim Cathedral: Bronze doors with scenes from the Old and New Testaments
2. Hildesheim Cathedral: Bernward doors: Judgement
3. Hildesheim Cathedral: Bronze Doords of Bishop Bernward. 1007/8-1015. panel: Christ Before Pilate
4. Hildesheim Cathedral: Bronze Doords of Bishop Bernward. 1007/8-1015. panel: Annunciation
5. Hildesheim Cathedral: detail of column
6. Rebecca and Eliezer. from the Vienna Genesis
7. Joseph Interpreting Dreams in Prison, from the Vienna Genesis
8. Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: Escutcheon from beneath large hanging bowl, detail, closer view of central design
9. St. Cathedral: interior view
10. Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: jeweled gold clasp w/garnets, detail of figures in clasp
11. St. Michael's: section and plan
12. Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: Purse Lid (N/A, Commercially Purchased)
13. Cross of Lothar
14. Hildesheim Cathedral: Bernward Column, full view post WWII
15. S. Michael, Nave looking East
16. S. Michael. ext: distant view
17. Cross of Lothar: back view of engraved crucifixion
18. Coronation Gospels: f.178v: St. John
19. Colosseum: ext:general view
20. Palatine Chapel: int: Looking Up
21. Palatine Chapel: int: view
22. Palatine Chapel: Reconstruction Study
23. Book of Kells: incarnation initial
24. Map of Early Christian Churches in Europe
25. Codex Amiatinus: Prophet Ezra rewriting the Sacred Records
26. Map of the Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne
27. Palatine Chapel: as represented on Karlsschrein
28. Palatine Chapel: plan of chapel
29. Palatine Chapel: axonometric reconstruction
30. Palatine Chapel: interior: view from gallery
31. S. Maria Foris Portas: fresco detail: Virgin Mary and St. Joseph on the way to Bethlehem
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