ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Leture - November 12th

1. Map of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian I, AD 565
2. Italy: Political Boundaries Ostrogothic and Lombard Periods, map
3. Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, plan
4. Tomb of Galla Placidia, ext: General View
5. Tomb of Galla Placidia, int: view toward sarcophagus
6. Tomb of Galla Placidia (Mosaic: general view of ceiling and lunettes)
7. Tomb of Galla Placidia (Mosaic: The Good Shepherd)
8. Tomb of Galla Placidia (Good Shepherd, detail)
9. San Vitale (ext: aerial view)
10. San Vitale (ext: general view)
11. San Vitale (section w/ SS. Sergio & Bacchus, Constantinople)
12. San Vitale (interior: view looking towards presbyterium)
13. San Vitale
14. San Vitale (MOSAICS: vault of presbyterium)
15. San Vitale (MOSAICS: apse, Christ Crowning St. Vitalis)
16. Apse Mosaic of the Transfiguration in Church of the Monastery, Mount Sinai, Egypt
17. San Vitale (MOSAIC, apse: Justinian and his Retinue. c547)
18. San Vitale (mosaic, apse: Justinian and Retinue. c.547)
19. Hagia Sophia (ext: Aerial view, looking NW)
20. Hagia Sophia (general view with minarets)
21. Hagia Sophia (lithograph by G. Fossati, 1852, interior)
22. Hagia Sophia (int: general view from gallery, w/dome and floor)
23. Hagia Sophia (plan and section)
24. Hagia Sophia (interior looking up into dome)
25. Dome on Pendentives
26. Hagia Sophia (ext: Aerial view of dome looking west)
27. Hagia Sophia (int: view of dome)
28. Hagia Sophia (exterior: view from SE minaret, dome)
29. Hagia Sophia (interior, looking east)
30. Hagia Sophia (int: looking up toward domes)
31. Hagia Sophia (int: view of nave from entrance) (Commercially Purchased Slide)
32. Hagia Sophia (int: marble sheets and decoration (in relief in the left side of the central nave)
33. Hagia Sophia (SCPT: capital and arcade of central nave)
34. Hagia Sophia (SCPT: column in Gallery of the Empress)
35. Dahuting Tomb II (painting: greeting quests scene on the southern wall (east side of central chamber))
36. Hagia Sophia (MOSAIC: South Balcony. Christ in Deistis Panel)
37. Hagia Sophia (mosaic: Virgin enthroned)
38. Hagia Sophia (ext: aerial view looking south)
39. Istanbul (aerial view)
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