ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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November 1st, 2001

1. Sarcophagus, front: Christ delivering the law, 4th C.
2. S. Pudenziana, MOSAIC: detail of apse mosaic
3. Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
4. Early Christian Sarcophagus from Santa Maria Antiqua, Rome.
5. Throne of God as Trinitarian Image
6. Chi-Rho, detail of a sarcophagus
7. Christus-Sol, from the Christian Mausoleum of the Julii under Saint Peter's
8. S. Costanza, int: view from entrance looking east
9. S. Costanza, cross-section
10. S. Costanza, exterior
11. Reconstruction Diagram of the Nave of Old Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome
12. Plan of Old Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome.
13. S. Sabina, int: high alter nave, looking east
14. Lateran Basilica, isometric reconstruction
15. Arch of Constantine, Constantinian Reliefs, Discourse to Romans in Forum, det: left side
16. Arch of Constantine, Constantine Reliefs;Discourse To Romans In Forum
17. Arch of Constantine, reliefs: medallions
18. Arch of Constantine, Finished AD 315. S. Elevation [commercial slide]
19. Map of Roman Empire under Constantine.
20. Colossal Statue of Constantine 315 a.d. [commercial slide]
21. Crypt of La Vellata. fresco: Orant, 3rd century
22. Christ as the Good Shepherd from the Catacomb of Priscilla, Rome
23. Catacomb of Priscilla.Greek Chapel, Ptg: Breaking of Bread
24. Corridor in Catacomb of Pamphilus
25. Synagogue. House of Assembly. fresco: South wall, Elijah on Mount Carmel
26. Synagogue. House of Assembly. fresco: east wall, David and Saul in the Wilderness of Ziph, scenes 1 & 2
27. Synagogue. House of Assembly. fresco: west wall, center: Moses and the Burning Bush
28. West Wall of Dura Europos Synagogue, Moses Giving Water to the Twelve Tribes of Israel
29. West Wall of Dura Europos Synagogue, view as reconstructed
30. Synagogue. House of Assembly, plans.
31. Christian House Baptistery, int: SE and North Wall, reconstruction
32. Christian House, plan.
33. Two Caesars , whole.
34. Tetarchs, detail: heads [commercial slide]
35. Tetrarchs, view
36. Map of Roman Empire Under Diocletian
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