ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization before 1400s
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture - November 7th

1. (Rome) Ara Pacis Augustae
2. Sarcophagus from Acilia
3. Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
4. (Rome)  Bust of Marcus Aurelius
5. Column of Marcus Aurelius
6. Column of Marcus Aurelius
7. (Roman Empire)  Bust of Trajan
8. (Rome) Column of Trajan
9. (Rome) Arch of Titus
10. (Roman) Ara Pacis
11. (Rome) Portrait of a Young Flavian Lady
12. (Rome)  Portrait of a Young Flavian Lady detail: back
13. (Rome) Antinous
14. (Rome) Antinous from Apollo Sanctuary, Delphi
15. (Rome) Augustus as Pontifex
16. (Rome) Augustus from Prima Porta
17. (Rome)  Augustus of Prima Porta
18. (Rome) Augustus of Prima Porta detail: breastplate, General and Jupiter
19. (Rome)  Doryphoros detail  whole: front, slightly left
20. (Rome)  Augustus of Prima Porta
21. (Rome) Augustus as Pontifex
22. Roman Protraits Augustus as Lawgiver [Commercially Purchases duplication Forbidden]
23. Pompeii detail  front
24. (Roman) Bust of Julius Caesar, from Tusculum
25. Portrait Head
26. Roman Husband and Wife
27. Sarcophagus from Caere (Cerveteri)
28. (Roman) Patrician Carrying Two Portrait Heads of Ancestors
29. (Roman) Portrait head of unknown young man
30. (Roman) House of the Vettii
31. (Roman) Trajan's Column
32. (Roman) Arch of Titus
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