ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 9

1. Portrait Panel of Hesira
2. Egyptian canon of proportion
3. Thebes: Tomb of Nebamun. Dynasty 18
4. Bersheh Site, Egypt: Prince Djehuty-Nekht Tomb (Tomb #1, great offering scene)


Opening of the Mouth Ceremony, from the Book of the Dead of Hunefer, New Kingdom, 19th dynasty c1307 BC - 1196 B.C.



Thebes, 19th Dynasty: Tomb of Ipouy, decorating sarcophagi

Wooden statue of a young man standing from Sakkara, 5th Dynasty (detail of head)

8. Scribe from Saqqara
9. Sesostris III
10. Menkaure and Queen Khamerernebty from Giza, 2548 BC - 2530 BC (whole, front)
11. Butcher Skinning Bull (Egyptian, 5th Dynasty)
12. Statuette of woman Grinding Corn from Giza (Egyptian, 5th Dynasty)
13. Ishtar Enthroned (Akkadian, whole)
14. unidentified Pittman Slide #1 (whole)
15. Khafajah. Nintu Temple VI Male Statue (Mesopotamian, whole)
16. Abu Temple Statues (Mesopotamian, Tell Asmar, Early Dynastic)
17. unidentified Pittman Slide #2 (whole)
18. Head of a Ruler, from Nineveh (Akkadian)
19. Nineveh, Southwest Palace. Room 33, Slab 2, detail of Ulai Battle
20. unidentified Pittman Slide #3 (whole)
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