ARTH 101

European Art and Civilizaion Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 8

1. Anu Precinct
2. Anu Precinct Plan and Reconstruction
3. Uruk, Eanna complex, Detail of columns with mosaic facing (reconstruction)
4. Uruk, Eanna Complex, courtyard: plan and reconstruction of colonnade court
5. Akkadian, Seal of Adda the Scribe
6. Akkadian, Seal & Impression w/ Shamash Rising, (N/A Commercial Slide)
7. Early Dynastic III period, Stele of the Vultures. Reign of Eannatum, from Telloh
8. Early Dynastic, Plaque of Urnanshe, Telloh, (2900-2400 BC)
9. Royal Tombs
10. Early Dynastic III,  Royal Tombs. gold helmet of Mes-Kalam-Dug
11. Seated Gudea
12. Neo-Sumerian, Telloh: Gudea with a Plan
13. Ziggurat of Moon God Nanna built by UR-Nammu
14. Saqqara: Zoser Pyramid Complex (model by Lauer)
15. 3rd dynasty, Zoser Pyramid Complex
16. Step Pyrimid and Palace of King Zoser 
17. Dynasty III, King Zoser Pyramid Complex, Mural Relief from Southern Tomb
18. South Tomb of Zoser Group, False door
19. Dynasty 4, view of Chefren, Cheops and Mycerinus Pyramids
20. Cross section of the pyramid of Khufu
21. Cheops Pyramid, ext: entrance
22. Giza: Pyramids., 2551-2472 BC. Cheops: NW corner and N side from WNW (N/A Commercial Slide)
23. Egpytian Construction: Pyramids. Foothold embankments & surface smoothing
24. Egyptian Architectural Types- Pyramids. Diorama of the ramp system used to build the pyramids.
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