ARTH 101

European Art and Civilizaion Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 6

1. Lascaux, Plan Of The Cave. Windelslaming Numbering
2. Cave Painting (Lascaux), Frieze of Bulls, left side
3. Handprints from Pech-Merle, Dordogne, France., c.16,000 BC
4. Cave Painting (Lascaux), Frieze of Bulls, general view
5. Large Black Cow w/ Unintelligible Checker-Board Figures (Det: Feet and Checker-Board)
6. Running Bulls, Lascaux Cave (Frieze of Bulls., c.15,000-13,000 BC)
7. Lascaux Cave, plan of passage, nave, apse and well
8. Lascaux, Hunting Scene, Shaft Detail Of Man, Bird And Wounded Bison
9. Running Bulls, Lascaux Cave (Frieze of Bulls., c.15,000-13,000 BC, right side)
10. Lascaux, Cow with Dark Head and Red Body., c.15,000-13,000 BC (axial gallery, left wall)
11. Map of Australia
12. Men and Women Hunting Kangaroos, Unbalanya Hill, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
13. Wandjina, Rowalumbin, Barker River, Napier Range, Kimberley, Australia
14. Group of Figures, Addaura, Monte Pellegrino, near Palermo, Sicily
15. Map of Middle East/Near East showing major aceramic neolithic sites
16. Wall and Tower, Jericho (section/perspective view)
17. Wall and Tower, Jericho
18. Jericho: Small shrine. View toward niche with pillar
19. Jericho: reconstruction drawing of neolithic shrine
20. Jericho: Human skull wiht plaster features and cowrie shell eyes, PPNB
21. Cache of Plaster Statuary from Ain Ghazal (view of figures in situ)
22. 'Ain Ghazal. Cache of plaster statuary. Details of heads of fignures, PPNB
23. Ritually "Killed" Cattle Figurines from Ain Ghazal (cache of Plaster Statuary from Ain Ghazal., view of figures in situ)
24. Catal Huyuk, Houses of Level 6 (reconstruction drawing and interior of typical main room)
25 Catal Huyuk, reconstruction of painting of erupting volcano, neolithic, level VII shrine
26. Catal Huyuk, Bifacially flaked arrowhead, from level VI grave
27. Catal Huyuk, Painted Shrine of Level 6 (reconstruction drawing with rec. drawing B10 & 14)
28. Catal Huyuk, Painted Shrine of Level 6 (interior: bench with rows of bull horn cores)
29. Catal Huyuk, Painted Shrine of Level 6 (painting: Shrine Room, mural reconstruction)
30. Catal Huyuk, Pregnant goddess painted relief (Shrine E VII)
31. Catal Huyuk, Dancing Hunter
32. Catal Huyuk, Enthroned Female Figurine, Level II, Shrine Grain Bin (c. 6000 B.C.)
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