ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lectures 4 & 5

1. Warrior from Riace
2. Patrician Carrying Two Portrait Heads of Ancestors
3. Naramsin Stele
4. Mahadeva temple
5. Cave Painting, Two horses. Negatives of human hands (France)
6. Scrovegni Chapel, view with The Last Judgement by Giotto
7. Mantle from Paracas, Peru
8. Detail of craftsmen from the Bayeux tapestry, c1070-1080
9. Book of Kells, incarnation initial
10. Painted late Susa-Kuzajaran Beaker from Susa, Iran.
11. Ulysses in the Land of the Lestrygonians
12. Tomb #52 Nakht, PTG: e. wall, s.side, lower register, Nakht watches the ploughing and sowing of fields
13. Tomb of Nebamun. Dynasty 18, garden and pool (Thebes)
14. Villa Livia, detail of wall painting
15. Tomb of Khnem-hotep, chapel painting: Semite Caravan (Beni Hassan)
16. Tomb of Khnem-hotep, Asiatic nomads (Beni Hassan)
17. Tomb # 100. Rekmira, PTG: Funerary banquet scene. slightly closer view (Thebes)
18. Tomb # 100. Rekmira, PTG: festival and toilet scenes (Thebes)
19. Tomb # 100. Rekmira, PTG: Toilet of noble women, detail: serving maids (Thebes)
20. Peking Man, view of men removing skull number 3 (China)
21. Prehistoric Hut, reconstruction drawing (France, Terra Amata)
22. Mammoth bone dwelling, ext: entrance (Mezhirich, Ukraine)
23. Mammoth bone dwelling, ext: back view (Mezhirich, Ukraine)
24. Spear-Thrower carved with Leaping Horse (Montastruc, France)
25. Mother Goddess, whole: view
26. Venus of Lesplugue, Front and side views (France)
27. Venus from Willendorf, front (Willendorf, Austria)
28. Venus of Lespugue, drawing after Leroi-Gourhan
29. Venus of Lespugue, front and side views
30. Woman's Head, whole: front left (S. Germain-en-Laye)
31. Digital Tracings with Depiction of Bovine Head (Altamira; Altamira, Spain)
32. Digital Tracings with Depiction of Bovine Head, tracing by Breuil (Altamira; Altamira, Spain)
33. Mammoth from the Vogelherd Cave, whole: view from side
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