ARTH 101

European Art before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture - October 17th

1. Cutaway Perspective Drawing (after G. Niemann) of the Parthenon Showing the Doric and Ionic Friezes and a Pediment.
2. The Parthenon, Looking Up Through the Outer doric Peristyle at the Ionic Frieze
3. Iktinos and Kallikrates (Greek), Parthenon (West Metope: metopes 1-2 with segment of pediment)
4. Parthenon, Lapith and centaur, metope
5. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, plan of complete frieze, ceremony participants
6. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, frieze west: young man and horse by Pheidias slab XII
7. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, North frieze horsemen general view slab XL-XLII
8. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, frieze east:Athena and Haphaistos, woman with peplos, slab V
9. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, Frieze, S: Festival organizer & sacrificial bull, slab XL,detail
10. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, frieze east: female figures, priestess, slabs VII,VIII
11. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, Pediment east, drawing by Jacques Carrey, 1674
12. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, East pediment. det: three fates
13. Ictinus, (Greek), Parthenon, East pediment. Mount Olympus, detail
14. (Greek), Apollo Sanctuary. Siphnian Treasury, SCPT: Frieze east: Council of the Gods
15. Parthenon. East Pediment, three fates.
16. Nike from Olympia
17. Temple of Athena Nike, East Facade
18. Temple of Athena Nike, Balustrade: Nike Undoing Sandal
19. Mnesicles, (Greek), -5c BC, Propylaea, aerial view
20. Vase by Meidas
21. Asklepios Sanctuary. Theater, ext: view
22. Asklepios Sanctuary. Theater,  plan by Lawrence with additions
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