ARTH 101

Europeant Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture - October 10th

1. Archaic, New York Kouros, from Attica, det:head front and left side
2. Dynasty IV, Mycinerus and Queen Kha-Merer-Nebty, whole: front
3. Exekias, (Greek), Amphora. ABV 144,7, Achilles killing Penthesilea and Dionysos and Oinopion
4. Corinthian Capital from the Tholos at Epidaurus
5. Exekias, Amphora from Vulci
6. Temple of Athena Nike, East Facade
7. Doric, Ionic, and Corinthinian Orders.
8. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Porch of Anubis and Hall of Birth
9. Basilica
10. (Greek), Apollo Temple, plan
11. (Greek), Apollo Temple,ext: general view
12. Goddess from the Artemision of Delos
13. (Greek), Terrace of the Lions, Delos.
14. Polyphemus Painter, 7th C BC, (Greek), Amphora Neck Showing the Blinding of Polyphemos.
15. Polyphemus Painter, 7th C BC, (Greek), Amphora.
16. Proto-Corinthian, Aryballos, Campania. Narrow Lip, Diamonds, Rosettes, 4 birds. [Commercial Slide]
17. Early Corinthian Olpe
18. Kneeling Youth from Samos, side and front views
19. (Greek), Geometric, Goddess from Athens Dipylon Cemetery, whole, right and front (c750 BC)
20. (Greek), Geometric-late, Attic amphora, funeral scene: whole, (800-700 BC)
21. (Greek), Geometric-late, Attic Amphora, funeral scene, detail
22. Geometric (8th century BC), (Greek), Attic, Dipylon Vase, details
23. Dipylon Vase
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