ARTH 101

Europeant Art & Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture - October 8th

1. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Akhnaton from pillar statue in Amun temple
2. Amarna, Central Quarter, plan
3. Palette Of Narmer, Both sides, drawings
4. (Mesopotamian), Early Dynastic, Royal Tombs, artifact: Standard from Tomb PG 799. obverse: War panel.
5. Akkadian, (Mesopotamia), Naramsin Stele
6. (Mesopotamia - Susa), Old Babylonian, Code of Hammurabi
7. Assyrian Empire: Expansion Between 900-700 BC.
8. Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal, painting (Reconstruction of Nimrud)
9. (Mesopotamia), View of Khorsabad from Ziggurat, reconstruction after C. Altman
10. Neo-Assyrian, Northwest Palace of Assurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Reconstruction of interior throneroom
11. Neo-Assyrian, (Mesopotamian), Khorsabad, Sargon Palace, Winged bulls from entrance
12. Neo-Assyrian, Winged Bull from Sargon II Palace, Khorsabad, Lamassu (Sargon II 721-705 BC)
13. Neo-Assyrian, (Mesopotamia), Nimrud. Assurnasipal II, Northwest Palace, Throne Room B, Coronation Scene detail
14. Neo-Assyrian, Nimrud. Assurnasipal II, Northwest Palace, Throne Room, Relief detail
15. Neo-Assyrian, Nimrud. Assurnasirpal Northwest Palace: Throne Rm B, Drawing of Battle scenes and religious scenes
16. Neo-Assyrian, Ashurnasirpal II, N.W. Palace, Nimrud,  Line drawing and labeling of the Throneroom B reliefs
17. Neo-Assyrian, Nimrud. Assurnasipal Northwest Palace: Throne Rm B, Relief: slab BM124542
18. Neo-Assyrian, Royal Tombs, Artifact: Standard from Tomb PG 799. obverse: War panel.
19. (Mesopotamia), Southwest Palace, northeast facade reconstruction. after Ferguson, 1983.
20. (Mesopotamia), Southwest Palace, plan. after Patterson
21. Southwest Palace, Room 36. Reconstruction of Ceremonial Entrance. Lachish Room
22. SW Palace of Sennacherib, Nineveh, Room 36: Plan showing Placement of Slabs
23. Southwest Palace of Sennacherib Room 36 from Nineveh, Slab 2-4 Siege of Lachish, Reconstruction Drawing
24. Nineveh. S.W. Palace. Sennacherib Room 36, Plan showing placement of slabs
25. Neo-Assyrian, S.W. Palace. Sennacherib Room 36. Slabs 2-4: The Siege of Lachish, conceptual drawing of detail
26. Nineveh, Southwest Palace. Sennacherib Room 36, Slabs 4-9: Seige of Lachish
27. Nineveh, Southwest Palace Sennacherib Lachish Room 36, King
28. [Commercial Slide]
29. Akkadian, Victory Stele of Naram-Sin, [Commercial Slide]
30. (Mesopotamian), Early Dynastic, Royal Tombs, artifact: Standard from Tomb PG 799. ob.: War panel. dwg.
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