ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 13

1. Athens Acropolis: ext: distant view of whole
2. Greece: Site of Theaters in the Greek world
3. Plan of the Mycenaean Megaron
4. Reconstruction Drawing of hte Megaron at Mycenae Showing the Front Porch with Two Columns and the Interior Hearth Enclosed by Four Columns
5. Dagger Blade from Mycenae 
6. Krater Enkomi Cyprus
7. Lion Gate
8. Citidel: plan
9. View of the Citadel, Mycenae
10. Map of Ancient Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean
11. Persepolis, Xerxes gate: colossi and columns
12. Persepolis, Xerxes gate: the king on his throne [Commercially Purchased, Duplication Forbidden]
13. Persepolis: site plan
14. The Acheamenid Empire
15. Ishtar Gate: restored
16. Harran. Stele: inscription of King Nabonidus, sculptured top
17. Ishtar Gate: reconstruction
18. Assyrian Empire: map of whole
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