ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 12

1. 18th Dynasty, (Egypt), Tutankhamen tomb, (1361-1352 BC)
2. (Egypt), Mask of Tutankhamon, (c1333- 1323 BC)
3. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Akhenaten Talatat, King's offering Duck
4. 18th Dynasty, (Egypt), Akhenaten Talatat., detail of king's hand with Olive branch
5. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Nefertiti, (1370-1350 BC)
6. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Fragment of Nefertiti [N/A, commercial slide]
7. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Nefertiti
8. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Nefertiti from Tel A El Amarna
9. 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Three Daughters on Stela from Amarna
10. (Egyptian), Amarna Central Quarter
11. 19th Dynasty, (Egypt), Abu Simbel Rameses II Temple. [N/A commercial slide]
12. Amon Re Temple, int: Hypostyle Hall. 20th dynasty. view of aisle
13. Luxor, Temple of Amon-re, Court of Rameses [N/A commercial slide]
14. Egyptian column types
15. (Egyptian), Amon-Re temple, colonnade of Amenhotep III
16. 18th dynasty, Amon-Re Temple, plan
17. Thebes Ramesseum Kadesh Relief [N/A commercial slide]
18. 18th Dynasty, Temple of Amon Re., Grand N entrance
19. Egypt, Diagram of pylon facade
20. (Egypt), Temple of Amu-Mut-Khons
21. (Egyptian), Egyptian Model Temple Cross Section.
22. Temple of Hatshepsut, detail of Punt Portico relief, Queen of Punt
23. Temple of Hatshepsut, detail of Punt Portico reliefs, preparations for expedition
24. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Temple of Hatshepsut, plan of funerary
25. Deir el Bahari, view of temples from north cliff
26. Hatshepsut Temple, bird's eye view of restored temple
27. Hatshepsut Temple, ext: distant view
28. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Queen Hatshepsut as a Sphinx
29. Granite statue of Hatshepsut as pharaoh, 18th dynasty (c1473- 1458 BC)
30. (Egypt), 18th dynasty, Tutankhamen tomb, Painted Wooden Chest
31. 12th Dynasty, (Egyptian), Sesostris III
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