ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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Lecture 10 & 11

1. China, Diagram showing the Chinese system of bronze casting
2. China, Chinese characters showing Pictographs (oracle and seal script) ideaographs, and meaning/sound graphs
3. China, Four-ram wine vessel, Ningzhang Xian, Hunan Province, China, Shang Dynasty (c1300-1030 BC)
4. Mature Harappa, (Indian), Dancing Girl from Mohenjo-Daro
5. Ritual Goblet or jue
6. Chariot from Daimabad, Maharashtra
7. Tiger Headed Monster from Xibeigang near Anyang
8. Neolithic, (Chinese), Liangzhu, Ritual Jade Cong., (c.3000-2000 BCE)
9. Neolithic, (China), Hongshan, Head of Goddess, (3000-2000 BC)
10. Neolithic, (Chinese), Liangzhu, Disc Bi., (3000-2000 BC)
11. Neolithic, (Chinese), Liangzhu, Ritual Jade Cong., (c.3000-2000 BCE)
12. (Indian), Indus Valley, Male torso from Harappa
13. Male Torso from Harappa
14. (Indian), Mature Harappa period, Seal with Goddess Among Asavattha Tree from Mohenjo-Daro
15. Seals from Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan
16. Harappan culture, (Indian), Proto-Shiva Seal from Mohenjo-Daro, (2300-1750 BC)
17. Sherd from Harappa Inscribed as "Note" After Vessel Broken [N/A commercial slide]
18. Kulli Culture, Pot from Nindowari, Pakistan, (2700-2300 BC?)
19. Indus Valley, Mohenjo-daro House, Wheeler, axonometric reconstruction
20. Plan of the Citadel, Mohenjo-Daro
21. Flotilla, detail of frieze, Akrotiri, Thera
22. (Minoan), Late Bronze, West House, Thera, Room 5:Lybia Fresco,det: naval scenes, restored
23. (Minoan), Late Bronze, West House, Thera, Room 5:Lybia Fresco,det: naval scenes, restored
24. Fisherman from Akrotira, Thera
25. (Minoan), Diagram Showing the Original Arrangement of the Ship Fresco at Akotiri, in situ.
26. (Minoan), Palace, Dolphin Fresco. reconstruction, (c1600 BC)
27. (Minoan), Palace, int: Throne Room
28. Palace of Knossos
29. Map of the Ancient Aegean.
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