ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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5 December 2001

1. San Francesco: Lower Church fresco. St. Francis Marrying Poverty, detail. Master of the Veil
2. Cimabue, Madonna and Child with Angels and St. Francis
3. San Francesco: plan of upper and lower churches
4. San Francesco: nave
5. S. Chiara: panel, St. Clare
6. Berlinghieri, St. Francis
7. Ara Pacis: SCPT:E facade left half, Tellus, entire panel
8. Pisano, N., Pisa Baptistery Pulpit
9. Pisano, G., Pulpit (central column. det: capital)
10. Pisano, G., Pulpit
11. Siena Cathedral (ext.: view of cathedral)
12. San Miniato al Monte (ext.: facade) Commercial Slide
13. Aerial view of St. Patrick's Cathedral
14. Town Hall, Louvain
15. King's College Chapel, int: view
16. Salisbury Cathedral, ext: aerial view
17. Reims Cathedral,SCPT: w.front,central portal,rt.side.Annunciation,Visitation
18. Reims Cathedral, SCPT: West front-central portal, rt. side: Annunciation, detail.
19. Reims Cathedral. Sculpture. West front, central portal, right side. The Annunciation and the Visitation
20. Reims Cathedral, detail of west portal
21. Amiens Cathedral, int: nave and choir
22. Amiens Cathedral, ext: full view
23. Reims Cathedral, int: nave towards west
24. Reims Cathedral, facade view
25. Chartres Cathedral, SCPT: S Portal, West Bay, St. Theodore
26. Chartres Cathedral, SCPT: S Transept, W Bay,left jamb. SS. Theo, Stephen, Clement and Lawrence. 1210-20
27. Door jamb statues, west facade, Chartres Cathedral
28. Chartres Cathedral, west portal
29. Three portals of the West Facade of Chartres Cathedral
30. Chartres Cathedral, scpt: West facadem center portal tympanum, Christ
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