ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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3 December 2001

1. Europe and the Mediterranean Lands
2. Hildesheim: St. Michael (ext., gen. view)
3. Florence: S. Miniato al Monte
4. Florence: S. Miniato al Monte
5. Diotisalvi, Pisa Cathedral Baptistery
6. Plan of Piazza del Duomo
7. Diotisalvi, interior of Pisa Cathedral
8. Diotisalvi, Pisa Cathedral (ext. view)
9. Cluny: Third Abbey Church (south arm of transept)
10. Third Abbey Church (elevation and plan from 18th century engraving)
11. Vezelay la Madeleine (hilltop location) Commercial Slide
12. Map of Romanesque and Gothic Sites in Western Europe, including Pilgimmage routes to Santiago de Compostella
13. V. la Madeleine (ext.: facade) Commercial Slide
14. Reliquary statue of Sainte-Foy
15. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (ext.: rear) Commercial Slide
16. Plan of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
17. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (interior: ambulatory, north side)
18. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (int.: nave from west)
19. Detail of battle scene showing Bishop Odo with a mace from the Bayeux Tapestry
20. Detail of Viking ships from the Bayeux Tapestry
21. Saint Pierre: Cloister pier with the relief of Abbot Durand
22. S. Foi (ext.: west front)
23. Vezelay la Madeleine: narthex (central portal)
24. S. Lazare Cathedral (SCPT: W Facade. Main Portal Tympanum. Last Judgement)
25. S. Lazare: west doorway (tympanum: St. Peter and the Apostles)
26. Saint Pierre: south porch
27. S. Lazare: west doorway (tympanum: souls entering paradise)
28. Saint Pierre: trumeau (St. Paul)
29. S. Lazare: Capital depicting the flight into Egypt
30. S. Lazare: capital from the north gallery of the cloister
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