ARTH 101

European Art and Civilization Before 1400
Professor: Pittman
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10 December 2001

1. Saint-Etienne: west facade
2. S. Michael (distant view)
3. Durham Cathedral (view from west)
4. Durham Cathedral (plan)
5. St. Sernin (view of nave and choir)
6. Durham Cathedral (nave)
7. Diagram of a ribbed vault
8. Four alterntive geometric solutions of rib vault over a rectangular bay
9. Gothic rib vaulting under construction
10. Amiens Cathedral (nave)
11. Notre Dame (aerial view)
12. Flying buttresses
13. S. Denis: west facade (after an engraving by A. & E. Rourgue before the 19th century restoration)
14. Abbey Church (plan)
15. S. Denis (ambulatory)
16. S. Denis (plan of chevet)
17. Abbey Church (ambulatory, southeast angle view)
18. Abbey Church (interior view of the vaulting in the ambulatory and radiating chapels)
19. Abbey Church (det. of stained glass rose window of the south transept)
20. Abbey Church (stained glass, ambulatory east chapel)
21. Notre Dame (rose window in north transept)
22. S. Chapelle
23. Chartres Cathedral (aerial view)
24. Chartres Cathedral (west facade)
25. Apse of Chartres Cathedral, with radiating chapels and flying buttresses
26. Chartres Cathedral (plan)
27. Chartres Cathedral (Stained glass: south transept: rose window and Glorification of Christ, Prophets, and Evangelists window)
28. Chartres Cathedral (interior)
29. Chartres Cathedral (Carpenters Guild signiture window, detail of stained glass window)
30. Chartres Cathedral (Stained glass: Scene from the life of St. Eustace)
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