ARTH 100

Art: Mass Media
Professor: Ruth E. Iskin
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Week 2 (9/20/01)

1. Stenberg, Georgij A., 1900-1933, (Russian). Man with the Movie Camera, 1929.
2. Schlemmer, Oskar, 1888-1943, (German). The Triadic Ballet, 1921.
3. Bofa, Gus (Gustave Blanchot), 20th C., (French). Advertisement for Sodex Washing Soda, Paris, 1910.
4. Ray, Man, 1890-1976, (American). Portrait of Nancy Cunard, 1926.
5. Moritz, R., doc.1926, (French?). Advertisement for Lion noir polish from Le Petit Journal, 1926.
6. Dziga Vertov in a publicity still for The Man with a Movie Camera, 1929. (in process)
7. Photograph of Dziga Vertov as Published in Kinoedielia [Film Week], No.38.
8. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M., 1891-1956, (Russian). Poster for Kino-Eye., 1924 -- Cinema-Eye Poster.
9. Vertov, Dziga,, 1896-1954, (Soviet), filmaker. The Man with a Movie Camera: film still.
10. Dziga Vertov filming Enthusiasm, 1931
11. Vertov, Dziga. The Man with a Movie Camera: film still.
12. Dziga Vertov filming for Kino-Pravda, c. 1924.


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