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Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 1: Origins of Modern Design Principles

1 RICHARD REDGRAVE (British, 1804-1888). Well-Spring Jug, 1847. Painted glass

2 A. W. N. PUGIN (British, 1812-1852). Structural Table, c. 1838. Oak

3 A. W. N. PUGIN (British, 1812-1852). Waste Not Want Not Bread Plate, c. 1850. Earthenware, with inlaid clay decoration

4 PHILIP WEBB (British, 1831-1915). Adjustable-Back Chair ("Morris" Chair), produced from c 1866. Made by Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. Ebonized wood with velvet upholstery

5 WILLIAM MORRIS (British, 1834-1896). Brother Rabbit textile, 1880-81. Indigo-discharged and block-printed cotton

6 WILLIAM MORRIS (British, 1834-1896). Kelmscott Chaucer, 1896. Type and borders by Morris, illustrations by Sir Edward Burne-Jones. Printed book

7 CHRISTOPHER DRESSER (Scottish, 1834-1904). Decanters and Drinking Glasses, 1879-81. Made by Hukin and Heath. Electroplated metal and glass

8 FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (American, 1867-1959). Chairs from the Wright studio, Oak Park, Illinois, 1898-1902. Probably made by John W. Ayers Company. Oak, pine, and leather

9 ROOKWOOD POTTERY COMPANY (American, 1880-1967). Painted by Kataro Shirayamadani. Earthenware with underglaze decoration

10 GREENE & GREENE (American, 1894-1916). Hall Cabinet from the Robert R. Blacker House, Pasadena, 1907. Made by Peter Hall Manufacturing Co. Teak and ebony

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 2: Renewal of Design

1 HERMANN OBRIST (German, 1863-1927). Tablecloth (detail), c 1897. Made by Berthe Ruchet. Linen with silk embroidery

2 WILL BRADLEY (American, 1868-1962). Poster for "The Chap Book," 1895. Lithograph

3 GEORG JENSEN (Danish, 1866-1935). Blossom Teapot, c 1904-5. Silver and ivory

4 HENRY VAN DE VELDE (Belgian, 1863-1957). Chair, c 1895. Wood and rush

5 HENRY VAN DE VELDE (Belgian, 1863-1957). Candelabrum, c 1899. Silver-plated bronze

6 HECTOR GUIMARD (French, 1867-1942). Wallpaper from the entrance of the Castel Béranger, Paris, c 1898. Made by Maison Le Mardelé. Printed paper

7 LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY (American, 1848-1933). Cobweb Lamp, c 1904

8 CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH (Scottish, 1868-1928). Cabinet designed for Mrs. Rowat at 14 Kingsborough Gardens, Glasgow, 1902. Painted oak, silver leaf, and colored glass

9 JOSEF HOFFMANN (Austrian, 1870-1956). Cutlery, c 1903-4. Made by Wiener Werkstätte. Silver

10 ALFRED ROLLER (Austrian, 1864-1935). Poster for Sixteenth Vienna Secession Exhibition, 1903. Printed by Albert Berger. Lithograph

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 3: Movements for Change

1 PETER BEHRENS (German, 1868-1940). Poster for AEG Metal-Filament Lamps, 1907. Printed by Hollerbaum & Schmidt. Lithograph

2 PETER BEHRENS (German, 1868-1940). Kettles, 1909. Made by Allgemeines Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (AEG). Brass, chrome-plated metal, Bakelite, and cane

3 RICHARD RIEMERSCHMID (German, 1868-1957). Dressing Table, c 1905. Pine and iron

4 LUCIEN BERNHARD (German, 1883-1972). Poster for Priester Matches, 1906. Printed by Hollerbaum & Schmidt. Lithograph

5 JOSEF GOCAR (Czechoslovakian, 1880-1945). Clock, 1913. Brass

6 FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI (Italian, 1876-1944), "Zang Tumb Tumb," 1914. Published by Edizioni Futuriste di Poesia. Printed book

7 DUNCAN GRANT (British, 1885-1978). Lilypond Screen, 1913. Made by Omega Workshop. Oil on wood

8 EL LISSITSKY (Russian, 1890-1941). Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge (Poster for the Soviet Administration of the Western Front), 1920. Lithograph

9 VARVARA STEPANOVA (Russian, 1894-1958). Textile design, 1924. Gouache on paper

10 GERRIT RIETVELD (Dutch, 1888-1964). Red / Blue Chair, 1918. Painted wood

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 4: Styles of Modernism

1 EMILE-JACQUES RUHLMANN (French, 1879-1933). Corner Cabinet, 1916. Lacquered rosewood, rare woods, and ivory

2 RENÉ LALIQUE (French, 1860-1945). Whirlwinds Vase, c 1930. Molded and enameled glass

3 FRANCIS JOURDAIN (French, 1876-1958). Drawings for Interchangeable Furniture, 1912-13

4 HERBERT BAYER (Austrian, 1900-1986). Exhibition Poster: Kandinsky on His 60th Birthday, 1926. Offset lithograph

5 KARL JACOB JUCKER (German, active 1922-25) and WILHELM WAGENFELD (German, 1900-1990). Table Lamp, 1923-24. Made at Bauhaus metal workshop. Glass, nickel-plated brass, and steel

6 GUNTA STÖLZL (German, 1897-1983). Wall Hanging, 1927-28. Made at Bauhaus weaving workshop. Cotton , wool, silk, and linen

7 MARIANNE BRANDT (German, 1893-1983). Bedside Lamp, c 1927. Lacquered steel

8 MARCEL BREUER (Hungarian, 1902-1981). Club Chair, 1925. Chrome-plated steel and leather

9 LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE (German, 1886-1969). Chair designed for the Barcelona world's fair, 1929. Chrome-plated steel and leather

10 LE CORBUSIER (Swiss, 1887-1965), PIERRE JEANNERET (Swiss, 1896-1967), and CHARLOTTE PERRIAND (French, 1903-1999). Chaise Longue, 1928. Chrome-plated and painted metal

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 5: The Machine Age

1 DONALD DESKEY (American, 1894-1989). Screen, c 1925-30. Paint and metal leaf on canvas on wood

2 LESTER BEALL (American, 1903-1969). Poster for the Rural Electrification Administration, 1937. Silkscreen

3 WALTER DORWIN TEAGUE (American, 1883-1960). Radio, 1934. Made by Spartan Corporation. Colored mirrored glass and chrome-plated and lacquered metal

4 NORMAN BEL GEDDES (American, 1893-1958). Soda King Syphon Bottle, c 1935. Made by Walter Kidde Sales Co. Chrome-plated and enameled metal

5 FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (American, 1867-1959). Desk and Chair designed for the S. C. Johnson Administration Building, Racine, Wisconsin, 1937. Made by Metal Office Furniture Co. Painted metal and walnut with upholstery

6 RAYMOND LOEWY (American, 1893-1986). Pencil Sharpener, 1933. Metal

7 ALVAR AALTO (Finnish, 1898-1976). Chair, c 1931-32. Made by Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötendas. Laminated birch and birch plywood

8 ALVAR AALTO (Finnish, 1898-1976). Vase, 1936. Colored mold-blown glass

9 GRUPO AUSTRAL (Argentinean, c 1938-40). Butterfly (B.F.K.) Chair, 1938. Made by Artek-Pascoe. Iron and leather

10 RUSSEL WRIGHT (American, 1904-1976). American Modern Table Service, 1937. Made by Steubenville Pottery. Glazed earthenware

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 6: Becoming Modern

1 CHARLES (American, 1907-1978) and RAY (American, 1912-1988) EAMES. Chair, 1946. Made by Evans Product Co. Plywood, steel, and rubber

2 CHARLES (American, 1907-1978) and RAY (American, 1912-1988) EAMES. Rocking Chair, 1948-50. Fiberglass, metal, and wood

3 CHARLES (American, 1907-1978) and RAY (American, 1912-1988) EAMES. Folding Screen, 1948. Ash plywood

4 EERO SAARINEN (American, 1910-1961). Tulip Chair, 1957. Made by Knoll Associates. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic and lacquered aluminum with upholstery

5 BARTOLUCCI & WALDHEIM (American, 1944-c 1951). Barwa Lounge Chair, 1947. Aluminum and canvas

6 ERNEST RACE (English, 1913-1964). BA Armchair, 1945. Made by Race Furniture. Cast aluminum alloy and vinyl-covered upholstery

7 CHRISTIAN DIOR (French, 1905-1957). Bar Suit, 1947

8 HANS J. WEGNER (Danish, born 1914). Armchair, 1949. Made by Johannes Hansen. Beech and cane

9 TAPIO WIRKKALA (Finnish, 1915-1985). Kantarelli (Chanterelle) Vases, 1946. Made by Karhula-Iitala. Engraved clear blown glass

10 EVA ZEISEL (American, born 1906). Town and Country Dinnerware, 1946. Made by Red Wing Pottery. Glazed ceramic

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 7: Good Design / "Bad" Design

1 MARCELLO NIZZOLI (Italian, 1887-1969). Lettera 22 Typewriter, 1950. Made by C Olivetti & Cie. Enameled-metal housing

2 EARL S. TUPPER (American, 1907-1983). Container, c 1956. Made by Tupperware. Polyethylene

3 L M ERICSSON (Swedish, established 1876). Ericofon Telephone, 1949-54. Plastic, rubber, and nylon housing

4 MARIANNE STRAUB (British, 1909-1994). Surrey Textile (Festival Pattern), 1951. Screen-printed cotton

5 GEORGE NELSON (American, 1908-1986). Marshmallow Sofa, 1956. Made by Herman Miller Furniture Co. Painted steel and chrome-plated metal with vinyl and foam-rubber upholstery

6 HANS GUGELOT (Dutch, 1920-1965) and DIETER RAMS (German, born 1932). Phonosuper Phonograph and Radio, 1956. Made by Max Braun. Metal, wood and plexiglass

7 GERD ALFRED MÜLLER (German, born 1932). Kitchen Machine Food Processor, 1957. Polystyrol

8 YUSAKU KAMEKURA (Japanese, born 1915). Poster for Nikon, 1957. Offset lithograph

9 ENID SEENEY (British, born 1932). Homemaker Plate, 1956-57. Made by Ridgeway Potteries. Glazed ceramic

10 HARLEY EARL (American, 1893-1969) and General Motors styling division. Cadillac Fleetwood, 1959. Made by General Motors Corporation

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 8: Alternatives for Design

1 MARCO ZANUSO (Italian, born 1916) and RICHARD SAPPER (Italian, born 1932). Child’s Chair, 1964. Made by Kartell. Polyethylene

2 Achille (Italian, born 1918) and Pier Giacomo (Italian, 1913-1968) CASTIGLIONI. Arco Lamp, 1962. Made by Flos. Marble, stainless steel, and aluminum

3 ETTORE SOTTSASS, JR. (Italian, born 1917) with PERRY A. KING (British, born 1938). Valentine Typewriter, 1969. Made by C. Olivetti & Cie. ABS plastic housing

4 OLIVIER MORGUE (French, born 1939). Bouloum Chaise Longue, 1968. Made by Airborne. Plastic with nylon-covered polyurethane upholstery

5 JOSEF MÜLLER-BROCKMANN (Swiss, 1914-1996). Poster: Der Film, 1960. Offset lithograph

6 MILTON GLASER (American, born 1929). Poster for Bob Dylan Record Album, 1966. Offset lithograph

7 VICTOR MOSCOSO (American, born 1934). Youngbloods Concert Poster, 1967. Offset lithograph

8 GATTI, PAOLINI, TEODORO (Italian, established 1965). Sacco Seating, 1968-69. Made by Zanotta. Leather-covered polystyrene

9 MAIJA ISOLA (Finnish, born 1927). Melooni textile, 1963. Made by Printex. Screen-printed cotton

10 DE PAS D’URBINO, LOMAZZI (Italian, established 1966). Joe Sofa, 1970. Leather-covered polyurethane

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 9: Responsible Design

1 MARIO BELLINI (Italian, born 1935). Divisumma 18 Calculator, 1972. Made by C Olivetti & Cie. ABS plastic, melamine, and rubber housing

2 SONY CORPORATION (Japanese, established 1945). Walkman Cassette Player, 1978. Anodized aluminum housing

3 INGO MAURER (German, born 1932). YaYaHo Lighting System, 1981-84. Made by Design M Ingo Maurer. Glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic

4 ALBERTO FRASER (Scottish, born 1945). Nastro Table Lamp, 1983-84. Made by Stilnova. Plastic

5 ERGONOMI DESIGN GRUPPEN (Swedish, established 1979). Knife and Cutting Frame, 1974. Made by Gustavsberg. Propene plastic and stainless steel

6 MARC HARRISON (American, born 1936). Food Processor, 1981. Made by Cuisinarts. Polycarbonate and nylon housing

7 FRANK O. GEHRY (American, born 1929). Easy Edges Rocking Chair, 1971-72. Cardboard

8 GAETANO PESCE (Italian, born 1939). Feltri Chairs, 1987. Made by Cassina. Wool felt, polyester resin, and hemp and fabric-covered down upholstery

9 TOSHIYUKI KITA (Japanese, born 1942). Wink Chair, 1980. Made by Cassina. Steel with polyester-covered polyurethane-foam upholstery

10 HARVEY K. LITTLETON (American, born 1922). Blue Paired Arcs, 1983. Barium /potash glass

                CGS/ARTH 288
                Twentieth Century Design
                Lecture 10: Post Modernism and Pluralism
1 ETTORE SOTTSASS, JR. (Italian, born 1917). Casablanca Sideboard, 1981. Made by Memphis. Wood and plastic laminate

2 ROBERT VENTURI (American, born 1925). Sheraton Chair, 1979-84. Made by Knoll International. Painted plywood

3 MICHAEL GRAVES (American, born 1934). Tea Kettle, 1984-85. Made by Alessi. Stainless steel and polyamide

4 SINYA OKAYAMA (Japanese, born 1941). Kotobuki (Celebration) Shelves, 1989. Made by Daichi Company. Lacquered wood

5 GRAPUS (French, 1970-1992). Poster: On y Va, 1977. Offset lithograph

6 WOLFGANG WEINGART (Swiss, born 1941). Exhibition Poster: The Swiss Poster, 1984. Offset lithograph

7 FRANK GEHRY (American, born 1929). Chairs. 1990-91. Made by Knoll International. Maple

8 JUNICHI ARAI (Japanese, born 1932). Big Wave Textile, 1988. Dyed titanium and polyester

9 SHIRO KURAMATA (Japanese, 1934-1991). How High the Moon Armchair, 1986. Made by Idée. Painted steel

10 ALESSANDRO MENDINI (Italian, born 1931). Proust Armchair, 1978. Made by Studio Alchimia. Painted wood and hand-painted upholstery

Twentieth Century Design
Lecture 11: Design Today


1 TEJO REMY (Dutch, born 1960). Chest of Drawers: You Can't Lay Down Your Memories, 1991. Made by Droog Design. Maple and recycled drawers

2 JAMES DYSON (British, born 1947). Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner, 1995. Made by Dyson Appliances. ABS plastic and polycarbonate housing

3 HIROSHI EGAWA (Japanese, born 1964). Will Cutlery Set, 1990. Made by Aoyoshi. Polymer resin and stainless steel

4 SMART DESIGN (American). Good Grips Vegetable Peeler, 1990-91. Made by OXO. Stainless steel and rubber

5 Zelco Industries (American, established 1970s). Clear Solutions Calculator, c 1997. Plastic

6 PHILIPPE STARCK (French, born 1949). Fly Swatters, 1998-99. Plastic and metal

7 MARC NEWSON (Australian, born 1963). Orgone Chair, 1993. Aluminum

8 KARIM RASHID (Canadian, born 1960). Blob Chair, 1993. Made by Magis. Injection-molded polypropylene

9 BIOTECH (German) and DE STER (Dutch). LittleBIG Disposable Eco-Tableware, 1996. Potato starch

10 HELLA JONGERIUS (Dutch, born 1963). Pushed Washbasin, 1997. Soft polyurethane